Just a little bit

June 4, 2008

Heya Folks, this is the DOM team here, finally updating this blog that almost no one has ever visited (lets hope that changes in the future)

Things have been moving on in a not so fast pace lately, but that’s about to change, as we prepare ourselves to enter in a frantic spiral of doom, destruction and beta testing to finally release the mod, the Code itself is like 99.99% done at the moment, Snake has really done a HELLUVA job on coding (all of it actually)

Other than that, the only thing remaining to do is polishing the maps into an unbelievable level of omgness, wich is closer than ever.

At the beginning of the “thing”, we were going to include DDOM and VDOM and VDDOM, but then we realized that we were too few people to actually pull such odyssey, and also, most people on various communities were recommending us to only work on the “normal old school DOM” and then expand to DDOM and so on, and given the fact that we were not enough people, we started to like the idea, and finally we decided to go along withit. So, we’ll release DOM only with.. DOM, but the thing is that the DDOM,VDOM and VDDOM code is already done, so it will be included on the release allthough there wont be any maps to play in, well…

Everyone has worked A LOT in this, and we are really proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Here we’ll post some “promotion” images that were assembled with various screens from the maps

About the maps:/

Ghardhen => Alex
Contrast => Zixxer
Condemned => Snake
Cidom, Lament => Ignotium
Aki => Nawrot

With no further ado, we will return now to burst our asses into finishing this mod


Whoa, it’s been a helluva night here in Coruña

I just finished editing/pimping the About section of the blog, so now it finally contains the full list of the actual members of the Domination team, it may change, it may not, time will tell.

But as the title says, we’re really getting off the ground, and we’ll doing it rather nicely




i personally believe that things will start to get better in the near future, we’ll do some media releases and finish most of the maps and then we’ll be able to give a decent, believeable release date, and hopefully release UT3DOM this century

Hello world!

May 3, 2008

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